Bravado Warm Intros

Contribution: Design Research, Service Design
January - March 2020


Bravado's mission is to provide B2B salespeople a community for upskilling, networking, and finding future opportunities. With increasing layoffs in sales teams (and the COVID-19 pandemic), Warm Intros was designed as a marketplace for B2B salespeople to leverage their networks of trusted clients to assist fellow salespeople breaking into desirable accounts. It was the result of interviews with B2B salespeople from all levels of seniority. It shipped and became Bravado's first revenue-generating service.



01 Immerse

As Bravado's first UX Researcher with no B2B sales experience, I spent the greater part of my first six months at Bravado having conversations with thought leaders and salespeople across all levels of seniority -- sometimes through 1:1 user interviews, other times meeting them where they are -- in-person networking events and talks. 

Skills: Contextual inquiry, user interviews, secondary research, affinity mapping.


02 Define

I used my 1:1 user interviews specifically to think about common profiles of sales professionals on the Bravado platform. If there was one general conclusion about Bravado users, they're salespeople who want to give back -- whether that's through mentorship or sharing tips and tricks. But, in thinking about creating a profitable product, we wanted to focus on power users -- young, 25-40 year olds eager to learn from experts, and the experts themselves with a desire to give back and optimise their organisation's sales processes. 

Skills: Journey mapping, personas, presenting insights to leadership, cross-team collaboration.


03 Ideation

Among both power user personas, the desire for increased flexibility as they advance stood out to Bravado's leadership team --  especially since they felt this in their own sales careers. After presenting my affinity map and personas, Bravado's team pitched me the idea of the marketplace in which any salesperson with a network of trusted contacts could get paid to help a fellow salesperson break into a desired account

Skills: Presenting insights to leadership, cross-team collaboration.

04 Concept Validation

I took a survey of 50 Bravado users from both sides of the marketplace that demonstrated high interest, but high friction.The reasons for friction were relatively homogeneous -- there would be complex emotional bargainings for a salesperson to risk a their clients' trust, and for a seller to waste resources hiring a consultant with uncertainty of success. Because of this, I did a round of 1:1 concept validation interviews with 16 participants from the survey.

Skills: Surveys, concept validation interviews. 

05 Refine

From the survey and interviews, we collaborated on a first iteration service design for the marketplace based off customer journey maps for the supply side and demand side. I left Bravado before this design was tested due to COVID-19, but the product and leadership teams used this blueprint to test a mini-marketplace within the Bravado community. 

**The full service blueprint and journey maps from this stage contain confidential information. Please reach out to hear more specifics about steps I took and artefacts I created.  

Skills: Service blueprints, customer journey mapping. 


Bravado Warm Intros went live in October 2020 -- you can read about it on Yahoo. It has undergone further testing and iteration since I left and pivoted into Bravado Job Board as of 2022.

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