Seed&Spark Starter Kit Quiz

Contribution: UX & UI Design
Collaborator: Blessing Yen
January - May 2018
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Right after LA-based Seed&Spark expanded from a film crowdfunding platform to a crowdfunding & streaming platform, the company wanted website visitors to learn about the streaming platform in a memorable, sticky way. During my UX design internship, I designed and prototyped a tool to drive traffic to the new film library and convert new users.


01 Immerse 

Initially, we conducted in-office user interviews with Seed&Spark power users: filmmakers and film lovers aged 35-60. Half of the interview was a task-based user test of Seed&Spark's homepage, the other half was the user exploring the film library unguided and questions on how the user discovered new media. 

Skills: User interviews, task-based user testing.

"I don't know anyone in any of these films."

02 Define  

We quickly learned that just an advertisement on the homepage was not enough -- the sheer number of films (300+) offered on the platform without any recognisable actors or filmmakers was overwhelming, and not compelling to explore. We also used fullstory to get quantitative insights beyond the interviews, specifically how much time people spend on the homepage and film library before exiting (which was normally less than a minute).

Skills: fullstory, affinity mapping.


03 Ideate

The Starter Kit Quiz was the product of a company-wide ideation sprint in which we presented the data to company leaders and re-imagined how a user could discover the film library. This was my first time co-facilitating a workshop at work, and it included Crazy 8s, dot voting, and creating a journey map with the most popular ideas. The Starter Kit quiz, initially discussed as a "Buzzfeed quiz for movies", grew into personality types, playlists, and a direct path to conversion through this sprint. 

Skills: Presenting insights, facilitating workshops, concept sketching, collaborative ideation. 

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After the ideation sprint, Blessing and I focused on how to make the quiz an effective way to convert users. This was my final drawing from one of the last meetings before we started designing the UI.

04 Prototype

Once we settled on the quiz, Blessing took over the question writing and result fitting, we both worked on visual assets and iconography, but I was fully accountable for the Invision prototype (that also included a complete website redesign Blessing did before I started my internship).

Skills: Sketch, Invision, concept sketching.

05 Test

Next, I conducted guerilla user tests throughout Los Angeles, looking for 35-60 year olds at coffee shops, parks, and shopping malls to interview. After seven conversations with mostly positive feedback (and even a few user conversions), we decided to implement the quiz with a few refinements.   

Skills: User testing, guerilla user research.


The quiz was implemented on Seed&Spark's homepage from 2018-2020, and by the end of my 2018, it was the top channel in which first-time website viewers discovered the film library, increasing overall film library traffic by over a third. You can still view my Invision prototype here!

This was also the role in which I discovered my passions were less toward visual design and more toward design research, user research, and experience design. 

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